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May 15 2022

If You’re Holding Heaven, Then Spread It Around

What you believe must impact how you live, or you don’t really believe.

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May 08 2022

Mirror Images

The letter of James offers us a mirror to see ourselves and see the reflection of the upside down, Kingdom-way that Jesus taught. The first chapter really contains 3 sermons: When bad things happen, what are we supposed to believe? What is wrong with being wealthy? How can you know if someone is really a Christian?

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April 25 2022

Along the Way

The road to Emmaus is a road we have all been on. It is the road the road of despair. It is the road of diagnosis and treatment. When the doctor has given you the news, and it is not good. It is the road of losing everything. It is the road of refugees, the road of shattered dreams, the road of tragedy... and on that road we try to figure out what just happened and why. It is a road we take because we can’t stay where we are, but we can’t look up to see where we are going, either.

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April 17 2022

Believing the Inconceivable

If you are the Messiah, and you have the power? Why allow suffering?

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April 10 2022

How Will You Greet Him?

Serving Christ is extravagant!

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April 03 2022

Giving Thanks…They Were Satisfied

And then Jesus uses the same words that we hear in the Upper Room, the same words that we remember at this Table, Jesus took bread, he blessed it and broke it, and he gave it to them.

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March 28 2022

Who Is Invited to Dinner?

And the way to bring about transformation, Jesus shows us, is not to shun or shame. It is not to call out sins and sinners. It is not to confront or condemn. It is to feast, to sit down and enjoy dinner together.

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March 06 2022

He Was Hungry

We most often experience evil as a hissing whisper of permission in our thoughts, nagging that it really is "OK just this once" to give in to what is tempting us. And when we yield to it, we sin.

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February 27 2022

We Will All Be Changed

There are two main things to remember when someone is grieving...

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