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Feel free to peruse this collection of sermons given by Rev. Rebecca Luter and visiting pastors and preachers at Farmington Presbyterian.  Have a favorite message or want to hear one again?  Missed a Sunday?  Or maybe you simply want to know more about us.  Listen, download, read, and share freely.

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November 12 2017

Living in Grace and Gratitude

We are stewards of God’s grace. Every interaction we have is an opportunity for the grace of God.

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November 05 2017

We Shall Be Like Him

We don’t know exactly what we will look like, but we have a good design. We have an example to follow as disciples.

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October 29 2017


What is the essence of Christian living? Is the goal to live "new in box" or "Used - good?"

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October 23 2017

How Do You Measure a Life?

Samuel places a stone that he calls an Ebenezer, literally, “stone of help.” It will be a reminder for them of calling on God and God helping them through. It will be a reminder that belief is not enough. Faith must be practiced. Words must be put into action. It will be a reminder of relationship, of working together with God.

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October 01 2017

Great Expectations

Disappointment that leads to discouragement is an obstacle to a life of grace and gratitude.

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September 24 2017

Priority Adjustment Ahead

The widow comes with her two thin coins and drops them quietly, faithfully in.

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September 17 2017

You Are Invited

I accept your invitation with great joy and deep gratitude, Lord!

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September 10 2017

Trust More to Stress Less

Stress caused by anxiety and worry is an obstacle to living in grace and gratitude.

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September 03 2017

The Good Old Days

We have a tendency to remember things better than the way they were - focusing on the good and glossing over the struggles.

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