Farmington Family

Voiced from the congregation.

“As a single parent moving to Germantown, I wanted a Christian education for my twin boys and to be in close proximity to where we bought a house. When my boys began Germantown schools, my realtor told me about Farmington’s bus system that picks up students from 3 different schools and brings them together for an after school program.  I was sold.  However, the friendly staff and caring people really won me over.  For me and my twin boys, I can not imagine a better fit than Farmington Presbyterian Church.

-MaryShelley Ritchey

“We have been members of Farmington Presbyterian Church since 1977. We were drawn to Farmington for the friendliness of the congregation, the warm sense of family and programs for our two children. Farmington is a caring congregation. If there is a need, the Farmington Family is always willing to step up to help where they can. The phrase “Farmington Family” is perfect for us. We are a family!”

Sandy Wann

“We searched for a real church “family” when we moved to Memphis in 2004. We wanted a church where we would feel at home and be more than just part of the crowd on any given Sunday. A place where our time and talents could make a difference and where we could continue our journey in coming to know Christ. We found all that and even more at Farmington, along with many of our new neighbors and now best friends.”

Charlie Smithers

“I find an authentic worship experience at Farmington Presbyterian Church that fully engages my mind and lets me lift my voice in joyful singing. The close-knit support I enjoy in the choir and the thoughtful, prayerful care of our congregation renews me and encourages me not just on Sunday, but carries me throughout the week. Our commitment to provide a spiritually-grounded day school for our community is an expression of how we love one another as we support the needs of our neighbors. The little white church on the hill is a haven for us all.”

Kirstin King