Each Wednesday night during the school year, the church gathers at Farmington to eat, greet, and grow closer together as the people of God.  A delicious meal is prepared by our chef, Scott Hutchins, and time is given for children to gather for a fun and active program called FAME (Fellowship, Art, Music, and Entertainment)

Wednesday Worship Workshop

To be still is a challenge for children and often adults as well.  Each Wednesday night during the school year, Farmington Children gather to practice the spiritual disciplines of stillness, prayer, and worship.  We tell stories in engaging and deliberate ways to allow children space to explore Bible stories in their own time.  They are then allowed space to explore what was heard through art and writing.

Adult Wednesday Classes

For adults, Wednesday is a group discussion to develop community.  After dinner, parents gather to discuss strategies to deal with difficult family choices.  Rev. Rebecca Luter leads as parents hear from each other useful methods and techniques in dealing with teenagers, children, and infants.