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Feel free to peruse this collection of sermons given by Rev. Rebecca Luter and visiting pastors and preachers at Farmington Presbyterian.  Have a favorite message or want to hear one again?  Missed a Sunday?  Or maybe you simply want to know more about us.  Listen, download, read, and share freely.

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May 21 2023

Celebrating Contentment

I have learned to be content with whatever I have. Contentment does not come naturally for us.

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May 14 2023

Rejoicing in All Things

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” We have often quoted this verse without putting it in context to understand what Paul meant. Paul is NOT saying that no matter what, you ought to put on a happy face.

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May 09 2023

Striving for Transformation

Striving toward transformation means acting with the attitude of Jesus, and seeing Jesus in every person with whom you interact.

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May 02 2023

Following Christ

y maintaining focus on Christ’s life and death, we are able to see clearly the depth of meaning of what Christ Jesus has done.

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April 23 2023

Living the Gospel

The more you know of God’s ways, the more love will flow through you, and then you'll be able to see what is best.

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April 09 2023

Why Are You Weeping?

This morning, you may not recognize his presence with you right now, but Jesus is saying your name, his eyes shimmering with love as he sees you completely. Go ahead, wrap your arms around him and let him enfold you in his.

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April 02 2023

Where are you headed?

This Holy Week, may we truly be able to say as Jesus enters Jerusalem, “I am following him.”

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March 26 2023

Where Have You Laid Him?

We face these questions every day. “Can these bones live? Do you believe in the power of resurrection and life in Christ?” Where have you laid down your hope?

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March 06 2023

How Do We Begin Again?

Let the wind of God blow you where it will; God will show you the land, the life, that God intends for you.

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