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Feel free to peruse this collection of sermons given by Rev. Rebecca Luter and visiting pastors and preachers at Farmington Presbyterian.  Have a favorite message or want to hear one again?  Missed a Sunday?  Or maybe you simply want to know more about us.  Listen, download, read, and share freely.

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April 10 2016

My Master and My God

Thomas will not prefer comfort over honesty. For Thomas and for us, belief comes as we seek to know. Belief comes through learning, through prayer, through study, through questioning.

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April 03 2016

In the Breaking of Bread

Experiencing God is recognizing a moment of grace, a moment of community, a moment of love.

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March 27 2016

The Tomb Was Empty

If this weren’t exactly how it happened, Luke would not have written it down. The Good News in this story is not how Jesus’ followers reacted. It is only after they see Jesus that their despairing turns to rejoicing and their hope is alive.

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March 20 2016

If We Are Silent

What would have happened if the crowd had been silent? The rocks would have cried out. And yet, all too often, we are silent.

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March 13 2016

Welcome Home

“Who is the Prodigal?” The prodigal younger son, who extravagantly squanders his third of his father’s wealth searching for greener grass? The prodigal older son, who richly judges himself worthy of lavish rewards for his dutiful working in the fields? Or the prodigal parent, who extravagantly loves and freely welcomes them both home?

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February 28 2016

We’re Not Worthy

What does Jesus say about why bad things happen to good people?

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February 22 2016


There are two ways to live, Paul is telling us. We can be our own heroes, rely on our own power, set our minds on earthly things. Or we can look to Jesus, and rely on his power, set our minds on heavenly things. But we can’t be our own heroes and rely on Jesus’ power at the same time. When we are vulnerable, when we stand at our weakest place, Jesus meets us there.

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February 16 2016


Jesus was tempted. Adam and Eve were tempted. Humans are tempted. We are human. We are tempted. But when that tempting happens, we have an example to follow.

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February 08 2016

Mountaintop Moments

Like Moses and Elijah and Jesus went to the mountaintop, we come to this Table seeking God. But the purpose isn’t to have a mountaintop moment, to experience God here in this moment. The purpose is to meet God here and to be equipped to carry out God’s purposes for our lives back down the mountain.

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