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Feel free to peruse this collection of sermons given by Rev. Rebecca Luter and visiting pastors and preachers at Farmington Presbyterian.  Have a favorite message or want to hear one again?  Missed a Sunday?  Or maybe you simply want to know more about us.  Listen, download, read, and share freely.

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November 22 2015

For This I Was Born

The Truth was born for God's Kingdom to come.

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November 15 2015

Reformata Semper

“What do you want me to do for you?” Blind Bartimaeus said, “I want to see.” In the midst of the Roman authorities who were blinded by power, the Temple authorities who were blinded by fear, the disciples who were blinded by ambition, a blind man wanted to dee. He wants his life to change, to be re-formed.

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November 09 2015

To Bear Fruit

The acolyte carries the candle lighter, but you carry the light.

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November 01 2015

As with Our Ancestors

Here the communion of saints, the visible multitude and the vision of the multitude, gather together to receive the presence of God.

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October 26 2015

How Is It with Your Soul?

God wants to tabernacle, to tent, with you. God wants to live where you live. Doesn’t that stir your heart?

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October 19 2015

Coming Clean

To “come clean” is another way of saying to “fess up,” or to tell all. Coming clean is...

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October 12 2015

His Face Fell

When you first meet someone you will often ask two questions:  What is your name? and What do...

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October 05 2015

Come to the Table

In the center of every church is the Table, a place to remember Jesus, to give thanks to God, and to be united as the body of Christ.

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September 27 2015

Pleasing in God’s Sight

Habakkuk addresses the theological question of theodicy, justifying the righteousness of God in circumstances of great evil. The...

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