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Feel free to peruse this collection of sermons given by Rev. Rebecca Luter and visiting pastors and preachers at Farmington Presbyterian.  Have a favorite message or want to hear one again?  Missed a Sunday?  Or maybe you simply want to know more about us.  Listen, download, read, and share freely.

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September 02 2018

Living Faith

The holy place is where we learn how to love one another, to treat one another without partiality. When people say they are spiritual but not religious, they are missing the point of going to church. We come to church to learn and practice how we live because we have faith. Church is about community. We come here to learn to live as God intended us to live. We come here to be unified as the Body of Christ in the world.

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August 26 2018

Take Your Shoes Off

This is the kind of connection with God’s Word that James is talking about. We have all become deaf to the harshness of the words we speak and the vileness of the anger that we allow in our lives. The song that God planted within us, the spark of God’s image in us, silently languishes in darkness. And as a result, God’s dream for us dies.

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August 19 2018

For Your Own Good

The joy of facing trials in life is in the consequence, not the process.

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August 12 2018

I’ve Had It

To understand Elijah’s plight, we have to back up and remember the rest of his story. For years,...

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August 05 2018

What’s the Point?

Reach out and try to grab the meaning of life, and it’s gone like taking hold of low rolling fog. It’s there, you know it is there, but you can’t grasp it and hold onto it.

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July 29 2018

Nerd Herd

No manuscript is available for this sermon delivered by Douglas Barr.

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July 22 2018


“Come by yourselves to a secluded place and rest for a while,” says Jesus.

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July 15 2018

The Joy of Worship

This Sanctuary is holy space. God is present here. We come into this space with reverence and awe and forget our self-conscious, self-centered focus.

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June 24 2018

Birdsongs or Sirens

Storms happen, even when we are following Jesus’ desires for our lives.

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