Youth String Video

By | May 30, 2020


We will be creating a video of strung together clips from each others homes and all can participate!

Imagine Mr. Doug came out of some random room in your house franticly trying to get back home. How would you and your family react?  Film a POV (point of view) video with your phone as if you are looking through my eyes.  Have family members react to me being in your home.  Here is how it works.

  1. Start filming with your phone/camera against a closed door of your choice.  Could be a laundry room, bathroom, front door, mailbox, refrigerator, Shower door, etc.  Any door!
  2. Open the door and begin moving through your home, filming anything I see.
  3. Optionally, have something silly happen to me while I run through your home.  (pet a dog, open a wrong door, ride a bike, etc.)
  4. End the video clip by pressing the phone against a closed door.  (Mailbox, fridge, cabinet, garage, etc.)  Once the camera goes black (because it is pressed against a door), stop filming.
  5. Send the video clip to me at or text to 901-606-6292.  

I will compile the clips into a fluid video of me jumping through “portals” into other peoples homes and Ill record audio to react to what I see.  Each clip should be between 15 – 30 seconds.  Feel free to film more than one or send more than one take.  


I really look forward to your creativity!  

Grace and Peace you all!