Life App – Gratitude

By | November 05, 2014

14Nov_standard_ThemeHave you ever been watching a sporting event where one of the teams played like they were falling apart at the seams? The team is a complete mess until finally the coach calls it: “Time out!” He brings the team in, takes a moment to regroup. He adjusts and recalibrates to get his team ready get back on the field and face their opponent.

The same goes for life.

It’s not a quick change. It may even happen so gradually over time that you hardly know it’s happening. Then one day you realize that everyone is grumpy, complaining about every little thing. The kids who were once happy and played together are now bickering and nagging each other over nothing. Something is off. Something is broken. Everyone needs a time out. There are just some things that need an adjustment.

Take the idea of GRATITUDE, for example.

If we never take the time to acknowledge what God has done in our lives or how others have helped us, we may develop an unhealthy ego or a growing frustration with the people around us. We might become bitter and complain about everything little thing. That’s why we’re taking this month to talk about what it means to take show

GRATITUDE: letting others know how they’ve helped you.

This month, let’s think about how:
(1) God is at work in our lives even though we may not understand.
(2) Our response of gratitude shows that we trust God in all circumstances.